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Rutland Water

Posted 23 Sep 2010 17:26
Updated 24 Sep 2010 16:30

Hi readers,

We were coming back from a short break from leads city. We had already stopped of one once already but we needed another break, I had read about Rutland Water in the birdwatch magazine so we decided to take a visit. After an exiting drive from when we had made our dissention we talked about what we all wanted to see.

I had looked at the map and found out that there was information centre so we went in there and asked what part of the water the ospreys bred. The lady said that we should head to the Lyndon reserve. So we set of once more in search of Lyndon reserve. We all arrived after around ten minute hoping that they had not left on their journey to Africa.

I explored the visitor centre and watched the video about what the ospreys had bread up-to over the past year. After that we went out on the reserve. After a 20 minute walk we had finally made it to the fide that you can see the ospreys from!

We went inside and I spotted the nest already, bingo, four ospreys not all on the nest but all scattered about, but all visible. As I looked through one of the visitor centre scopes I could see that on osprey was in a tree feeding on a recently catch bream. I watched all of them contently taking photographs of every one of them.

After around half an hour we moved on to the next hide. I thought that you could see them even better. There was a lot more to be seen as well; such as Ruff, Common Snipe, Sanderling and lapwings. Then suddenly one man shouted "osprey up!" I quickly jumped up to get a photo of him flying. Result! I got a great picture.

After that we moved on back to the visitor centre talking about what we had seen. It was a great day and would defiantly do it again.

Posted by Matthew Foakes

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1.Jamie Croft
26 Sep 2010 08:24
Hi Matthew its Jamie here, I like your blog!
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