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birdwatch subsChoosing the best gear, from your first binocular right up to the latest digiscoping kit, can be a challenge. Let help, with these product reviews from our team of experts. Please note that prices quoted are subject to change, and that models may be updated or their specification may change, with or without modification to the product name – please check with the manufacturer or retailer for further information.

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Azores Rare and Scarce Bird Report 2014 and Macaronesian Birds, Volume 1

Posted: 16 Apr 2016
David Callahan reviews two Azores bird reports

Flight Identification of Raptors of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Posted: 13 Apr 2016
Josh Jones reviews Dick Forsman's latest raptor ID guide

The Most Perfect Thing: Inside (and Outside) a Bird's Egg

Posted: 30 Mar 2016
Rob Hume reviews Tim Birkhead's latest book on the science behind a bird's egg.

Updated Swarovski EL binoculars and accessories

Posted: 23 Jul 2015
Has Swarovski reached the pinnacle of contemporary binocular design? Mike Alibone field tests improvements and accessories for the updated EL range.

Naming of the Shrew: a Curious History of Latin Names

Posted: 19 May 2015
David Callahan reviews this fascinating history on the origins of Latin names

Cuckoo: Cheating By Nature

Posted: 07 Apr 2015

The Bird Songs of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East

Posted: 03 Sep 2014
This innovative app aims to put the biggest collection of European bird sounds in your pocket – but is it worth the cost, asks Dominic Mitchell.

Aves Vox app

Posted: 03 Sep 2014
This clever new app uses the extensive Xeno-Canto database of bird songs and calls, says Alan Tilmouth.

Bird Tick List app

Posted: 22 Aug 2014
Rebecca Armstrong tests out this new app that allows users to create lists on their iPhones to update on the go.

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