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Grouse ID quiz

WALKING across an area of the central Highlands of Scotland, you flush a female-type brown gamebird, which is quite clearly a grouse, lacking the long tail of Pheasant.

The bird being on its own, it’s quite hard to estimate its size, but you are able to note the tones of its barred plumage and its head and chest pattern as it struts through the heather and shrubs. As it flies away, you are also able to note its tail length and undertail coloration, thus revealing its true identity. Take a good look at this bird, and tell us which grouse you think it is.

What you could win

Bring Back the King
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How To Enter

For your chance to win, use our ID Photo Guide to identify the grouse species below and let us know the correct answer.

The Question

Which grouse is this?
Black Grouse
Red Grouse