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Golden plover ID quiz

SCANNING a flock of winter plovers on the edge of a lagoon, you notice one that stands out from its companions. It is clearly a golden plover, having black underparts, spangled upperparts and a white border to the face and chest.

Taking care to note the size and proportions of its bill and legs, the placement of its primaries, tertials and tail feathers, and the amounts of black, white and gold and their comparative shape and extent, you gradually come to a conclusion on its identity. Should you be phoning into as a rarity or just enjoying it as a day tick?

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Remarkable Birds by Mark Avery

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How To Enter

For your chance to win, use our ID Photo Guide to identify the grouse species below and let us know the correct answer.

Quiz plover

The Question

Which of the three golden plover species is this mystery bird?
European Golden Plover
American Golden Plover
Pacific Golden Plover