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In the November 2011 Issue

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27 Oct 2011


Birdwatch November 2011

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Better birding – Finding Little Auk and IDing birds in flight.
Where to watch birds – Flamborough Head, the Fal Estuary and Cork Harbour head the line-up.
Mark Avery – Why Hen Harriers are under threat.
Jonathan Lethbridge – The thrill of finding your own rarities.
Steve Young – What is depth of field?
Letters and photos – Detecting snipe from feeding patterns.
Punkbirder – Heading to Ireland for Yank waders.


Products – Zeiss’s PhotoScope is put to the test.
Book reviews – Avian Survivors and other new titles.


Caspian Gull – A major new photo-based ID feature on this tricky larid.
In the zone – Avian hybridisation explained.
Pioneer birding – The amazing exploits of Meriwether Lewis.


Highlights – Autumn gets off to a great start.
Rarities – Strong westerlies deliver the rarity goods.
National notebook – American waders were the pick of the crop.
Western Palearctic – Shorebirds and seabirds brought interest across the region.

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November ID tips: winter visitors in flight

Posted: 01 Nov 2012

Seen silhouetted in flight against a cloudy winter sky, Redwing, Song Thrush, Starling and even Waxwing can look surprisingly similar. David Callahan shows how to separate these winter visitors in flight.

American Black Tern: Covenham Reservoir, Lincs, from 17 September 2011

Posted: 29 Sep 2011

Excellent national conditions but few birds pushed Graham Catley onward until he located a fine prize.

Greater Yellowlegs: Camel Estuary, Cornwall, 12-13 September 2011

Posted: 29 Sep 2011

Care had to be taken when Colin Selway was summoned to help identify a tricky American Tringa.

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