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An essential marketplace for advertisers

Birdwatch is Britain’s leading magazine for keen birdwatchers. Each monthly issue contains a wealth of information and practical advice on all aspects of birds and birding, from conservation and identification to news, views and product reviews. With an advisory panel of experts which includes Bill Oddie OBE and best-selling field guide artist Killian Mullarney, no other title can match its authority in the marketplace.

The last Birdwatch reader survey – a self-completion questionnaire distributed with 3,000 copies of the January 2006 issue – reinforces the proposition that the magazine provides an audience profile of the very highest quality.

If your target market includes birders, there are five good reasons why Birdwatch should be first choice on your media schedule. No other monthly birding magazine can match it for strength of readership and editorial environment.

Our findings clearly demonstrate that Birdwatch readers are:

  • Experienced
  • Committed
  • Active
  • Loyal
  • Keen to invest 

Our readers are experienced

88 per cent state that they have been interested in birds for more than 15 years. 85 per cent have more than 200 species on their British lists, and a remarkable 8 per cent can list a total of more than 450 species – putting them among the country’s birding elite.

Our readers are committed

54 per cent spend more than eight days a month birding – at least two days in every week.

Our readers are active

96 per cent visit reserves on a regular basis, while 48 per cent are involved in club or society activities.

72 per cent regularly go on birding holidays in the UK and abroad.

Our readers are loyal

34 per cent say they have read Birdwatch since the first issue, and 63 per cent for more than six years.

A significant 75 per cent keep their copy of the magazine for future reference. 78 per cent agree with the statement that Birdwatch ‘plays an important role in my getting maximum value from my birdwatching activities’.

Our readers are keen to invest

62 per cent would consider changing their brand of binocular and 60 per cent their telescope. While almost two-thirds are ‘generally satisfied’ with their equipment, 32 per cent regularly ‘survey the market to keep up with new developments’.

93 per cent consider Birdwatch reviews to be their most important purchase influence, ranking them ‘very’ or ‘quite’ important, and in the same way 73 per cent emphasised the value of advertisements in the magazine.

Reader profile

Birdwatch readers are predominantly male (91 per cent) and 77 per cent are aged between 35-64. They come from a wide range of occupations, and 91 per cent are members of the RSPB, 39 per cent are members of the BTO and 54 per cent are members of their county wildlife trust.

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