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We have put together a selection of links to sites that we feel will be useful sources of information. To visit the sites simply click on the links provided.

If you are a birding organisation who has a website and would like to link to, click here for more information.

Bird photographs and video

Birds on Film, Steve Young's photography website
BirdMad, Dean Eades's photography website
Internet Bird Collection
Mona Smith Wildlife Photography and Art
Oriental Bird Images
Surfbirds, rarity photos from Britain and Ireland
Bird Photo, photography and sound recording from top Finnish bird photographers and one recorder
World Birder, World bird photos
Gary Thoburn's Photos

Bird art and artists

Darren Woodhead, painter, Birdwatch Artist of the Year 2009
Harriet Mead, sculptor and SWLA President
The Society of Wildlife Artists

Online listing and checklists

BUBO Listing
Printable checklists by country
Holarctic checklist
Downloadable checklists for all countries
Clements checklist updates

Email newsgroups

Digests of all major lists

World birding

Wild Falklands