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Birdwatch April 17

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  • subscribe to birdwatchThe spring challenge – With the days getting longer and movements and breeding building up, now is the time to start getting out into the field as often as you can. Why not follow our 10 suggestions for the best way to maximise the birding opportunities of springtime.
  • Odd one out – Migration is in the air, and so too are northbound warblers. April sees the floodgates open as Willow Warblers and Common Chiffchaffs arrive en masse to set up territory, but there is also another lookalike incoming ‘Phyllosc’ to contend with. Records of Iberian Chiffchaff in Britain are rising and April can be a good month to find one, so Andy Stoddart look at the key ID clues – and pitfalls.
  • Leading the way – No country has greater avian diversity than Colombia, and as a safe tourist destination again the country features prominently in the travel plans of globe-trotting birders. Most, however, focus on the Andes and the north – what about the Amazonian half of the country, also mega-rich in birdlife? Neil Bowman goes exploring off the beaten track.
  • Long live the birds – The British Trust for Ornithology’s ringing schemes have produced much information on bird movements as well as astonishing facts about how long-lived they are. Ruth Walker explains what they’ve learnt and reveals the record holders for longevity.
Plus new where to watch itineraries for spring, all the big stories and latest sightings from, columnists Mark Avery and Lucy McRobert, Steve Young’s photo challenge, news, views and product reviews, and birding Q&A with the expert Birdwatch team

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