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You'll find rare bird news and sightings, binocular and telescope reviews, birdwatching books and competitions, as well as features on identification, improving your birding and conservation. Register to create your own birding blog or upload your bird photos and videos.

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This Azorean Chaffinch of the subspecies <em>moreletti</em> is certainly distinctive, and a split is hinted at, though not confirmed in the new study. Photo: Froth82 (

Atlantic Chaffinch subspecies to be split?

A new study recommends that several Atlantic subspecies of Chaffinch are revised with a view to a split.

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A downloadable PDF index of Birdwatch photographs and illustrations from 2001 up to the December 2014 issue.

Downloadable Birdwatch magazine index v4.12 - Excel 2007

A fully downloadable and searchable Excel index of Birdwatch articles, photos, features and stories from 2001 up to the December 2014 issue. This version requires Excel 2007 and offers the best functionality.


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Great grey Shrike on fair isle , oct 2014.

Posted by stephen on 27 Feb 2015

red throated pippit on fair isle oct 2014

Posted by stephen on 27 Feb 2015

Bullfinch puffing his chest out looking so proud & powerful, it was taken at cromwell…

Posted by David on 01 Mar 2015

Latest News

Zapata Rail rediscovered after 40 years?

Posted: 03 Mar 2015
Ornithologists are convinced they have rediscovered a rare Cuban rail species, thought to be possibly extinct for more than four decades.

Stone-curlew celebration

Posted: 02 Mar 2015
Conservationists are celebrating their 30-year partnership to save Stone-curlew in Norfolk's unique Breckland region.

More women needed in conservation, says BirdLife in Africa

Posted: 01 Mar 2015
BirdLife International are trying to get more women involved in conservation in Kenya and Uganda, after a project has highlighted barriers to their involvement.

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Want to know what’s about? This map shows today's rare and scarce birds in Britain and Ireland; the larger the square, the rarer the species. First reports are shown in grey.

Click here or on the map to see a larger version showing today's sightings. For details of species and county, move your mouse over any square and check the pop-up 'tool-tip' (and/or, depending on the browser, the status bar at the bottom of your browser window). On the BirdGuides websiteBird News Extra subscribers can also see the site name, and can access further details by clicking on any square; they can also view BirdMaps from previous days.

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Black-headed and Bonaparte's Gulls ID Quiz

Frontiers in Birding by Martin Garner and friendsClosing Date: 14 Mar 2015

ALMOST any local patch has the capacity to attract gulls, and yours is no exception. There’s also the chance of a more unusual gull turning up – maybe a Mediterranean, or perhaps something even rarer – among transient flocks of commoner species.

This is precisely the reason that you’ve stopped to stare at the small gull now resting on the surface of your local park lake. It’s probably just a Black-headed Gull, and that’s what you assumed when you saw it land out of the corner of your eye – yet it struck you as slightly odd.

Now you need to sort it one way or the other, so using the information gleaned from Josh Jones’s detailed advice in our ID photo guide in the March 2015 issue of Birdwatch, it’s time to make the call.

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