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Managing Editor Dominic Mitchell. Photo by Eleanor Bentall.

Why the EU is good for the environment

In his June 2016 comment, Birdwatch Managing Editor Dominic Mitchell explains why he thinks that the only way to properly protect our environment is for the UK to stay in the European Union.

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Male Pochard,Taken at leighton moss.

Posted by Paul on 02 Aug 2016

Taken at RSPB Sandy. This Male Hobby was watching over the nest while the female was…

Posted by Steve on 06 Aug 2016

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Posted by Jason on 26 Sep 2016


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Pipit ID quiz

Tales of a Tabloid TwitcherClosing Date: 08 Oct 2016

THE edge of an east coast field in October is a good place to look for passerine migrants, and working your way along a hedgerow in prevailing easterly breezes produces a small pipit, which flies to a barbed wire fence along the perimeter and perches prominently.

You’re aware that both the habitat and location could be good for any of the three likely species, so you’ll have to be careful. Is it the common Meadow Pipit with its somewhat variable plumage in autumn, the scarcer Tree Pipit or the semi-rarity Olive-backed Pipit, which would be the true prize? Carefully, you begin to take notes.

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Threatened African rainforest declared a National Park

Posted: 26 Sep 2016
The West African Gola National Forest – which teems with threatened wildlife and is an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area – has been fully protected by the Liberian government.

Government answers petitioners: buzzards can be killed under licence

Posted: 25 Sep 2016
The UK Government has responded to a petition against killing Common Buzzards which garnered nearly 12,000 signatures, saying it intends to allow Pheasant breeders to kill them.

Namibia becomes seabird friendly

Posted: 24 Sep 2016
A law has been passed in Namibia to protect 30,000 seabirds from death by trawling or long-line fishing in what has been the world’s worst fishery for by-catch.

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