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Blue Sky Wildlife

Blue Sky Wildlife aims to bring together wildlife tour operators from around the world in order to offer a comprehensive selection of nature holidays. Find out more here.

The nominate form of Scops Owl passes through Cyprus on migration, but the prime habitat is already occupied by the sedentary endemic form. Photo: Álvaro Rodríguez Alberich (

Cyprus Scops Owl a potential split

The endemic subspecies of Scops Owl found on Cyprus is a potential good species, DNA analysis has confirmed.

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A fully downloadable and searchable Excel index of Birdwatch articles, photos, features and stories from 2001 up to the March 2016 issue. This version requires Excel 2007 and offers the best functionality.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Support for USA/CANADA. The Certified Technician Always Ready to…

Posted by Sam on 25 May 2016

Naples !)000 Islands channel. Every channel marker had an Osprey nest with 1-4 nestlings

Posted by Gerard on 25 May 2016

Naples, Florida

Posted by Gerard on 25 May 2016


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Raptor ID quiz

Frontiers in BirdingClosing Date: 18 Jun 2016

ONE autumn day, you flush a pale bird of prey from the upper branches of a small tree on a coastal heath. This looks like none of the Common Buzzards you’ve seen before, but wary of the chances of an anomalous bird, you make copious notes and take some quick record shots as it flies away, to try and put a name to it.

With the details of the head, legs, tail and upperwing and underwing all duly noted, as well as its overall structure and proportions, you think you may be able to conclusively identify this unusual raptor. What is it?

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London’s garden birds disappearing?

Posted: 26 May 2016
Results from the Big Garden Birdwatch suggest a decrease in numbers of garden birds in London, and the RSPB has commissioned special nest boxes to highlight this decline.

Rare dove rediscovered in Brazil after 75-year disappearance

Posted: 25 May 2016
In one of the most extraordinary stories in Brazilian conservation, a group of researchers have announced that Blue-eyed Ground-dove, last seen in 1941, has been refound.

Green professionals say European Union benefits the environment

Posted: 24 May 2016
A poll of more than 1,500 environment and sustainability professionals has shown they believe that Britain's environment benefits from EU membership.

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